The big part of the cake,
lies on the prophetic table.
Pass me the crystal ball,
let me see what lies in the future.
Spiritual sight as a gift.
I will tell you more than metal birds in the towers!

The ring to rule all,
bounded in the white blood.
The sword of retribution lies so near,
but far in the sights of men.
Made with gold and silver,
soaked in all deadly poisons.

The small part of the cake,
lies in the mind of man.
pass me divine love,
let me see what lies in their hearts.
Knowledge, riches and power as gifts.
I will tell you more than the wisest and richest ever lived.

The key to a good life,
bounded in the deep blood.
The wheel of change lies in its hands,
but fear will not let them spin it.
Made from rusted metal,
its sound gives grief.
There is beauty and joy when it spins!

The big part of the cake?
There is no big part of the cake,
without the small parts in mind.
With divine love only in our heart.
This is the key to a good life.
Bounded as our Father is,
it is a time to honor Him, carry on His creativity and spirit
in our blood.


The beginning of failure is just the fair of success.
Come together again as one spirit but different skins.
Spin the wheel again.
Deep blood has not failed only slipped.
Failure comes when we refuse to rise again.
Let us put grief next to our hearts,
And still have the passion of forgiving,
Building a world of ours

The past is what is sin.
That is defined by every man’s thought.
It keeps us far from our God.
If you do not forgive yourself,
God will not tamper with.
Look at today as a present,
put this vision in your mind,
see it in the future.
Your tomorrow will be your today.

The end of the world is not near,
But the end of its goodness,
just at your breast.
Western Knowledge, is it our gift?
Power, spiritual strength, culture
lies in the muds of Africa .

The best of all relationships,
It is that which you have with yourself.
Let us start with us.
If our love is bounded in trust and great faith.
This is the best BIO-Nuclear bomb ever.
You will smile and
watch it touch the rest of mankind.
Man was made to be kind but
My hands are in the mud digging,
but found none.


See what i found!
Divinity of souls,
purer than white light.
Solid and better than Gold.
Join me and dig up,
this all deep skinned.

Huuush! Huush! Eh! Huuush!

What i saw?




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