A love day filled with joy and laughter.

Went to the cinema after.

A breeze of beauty passed me by.

Acknowledgement and denial,

My normal self but still a cosmic pawn.

Choices are given, options limited.

Couldn’t wait to see another dawn.

A beautiful sunrise by the pool,

Affirmations made.

Seeing a brighter day,

But this was a different night.

What you deny, another acknowledges.

Followed my heart, talked to a Fairy.

Wasn’t myself but a conversation sprung.

A million shades of color to watch, Taken.

Far in my heart, a perfect geometry.

Three times a vision in one night,

Without a try.

̈́ ̈́Sean ̈́ Mickey ̐ ̈́ NΔvy ¢яєω☑ سُبْحَانَكَ

Numbers to make a future for us both,

And it did.

Chats with a friend, I just made.

The sunrise with a new face.

That of my friend.

Missed and hoped for another day for our eyes to lock.

Our thoughts created one.

The thirteenth

Two days after,

A mother’s day.

A logical game to play.

A king to die for, a kingdom with loyalty.

Gave me a plant and high I was,

With the speed of light.

Time moved slow but never stopped,

Wished it did.

Now I miss my fairy.

Evening came and the sun travelled.

I am here alone thinking how I got marveled,

By my Fair Fairy.







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