A cool evening, no dust cos the earth is wet.

Spending time with a long friend,LOL.

Will fall in love even if we just met.

Talking about life’s deep issues.

What is life?

Are we just here to keep walking?

Like Johnny walker.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

It is a black label, Johnny walker.

Normal people indoors while we walk around and talk.

Man wasn’t made to be indoors, he said.

Every time in a box, I said.

Awesome, we not normal.

I took out the bride and wrapped her in a white gown.

A little light and she burned for this union.

The self wedding other souls, more like a reunion.

This is not the first, second or third time.

I think we all lost count.

Something must be keeping the account.

Life is beautiful he said ,

as the harsh clouds escaped his mouth.

We just make it complicated, I said.

Every pass from my fingers to his, this must be heaven.

Normal people thinking about hell,

Why we think about how well.

Why should I think of God’s wroth?

I am his haven.

His loving wrought.

He took out a green-white capsule.

Pop! Pop!

Out they went and down this road inside of us.

I feel great. No! We are the greatest.

Talking about business,

then a wife and a mistress.

Call Presia, tell her we could get high and have a threesome.

He joked.


But why?

It isn’t Normal.

We three ain’t normal.

My dick got hard.

Grabbed it and said fuck the world like Dick Nelson.

Come on, who is Dick Nelson.

I just said it, sounded right, personifying my dick.

Picked up my phone, wore my goggle.

Typed into a box called google.

Here you are, a writer and an actor.

We love to be filled with knowledge.

The normal person wants to be known with knowledge.

Sat on a red with a little brown pattern couch and watched two beautiful movies.

It is into mid-night,

Looked at each other and said,

Thank God we not normal.

Guess what?

Normal is asleep.

Best part of not normal is alive.




4 thoughts on “BEST PART OF NOT NORMAL

  1. #stillz…di shit is ill man,jst ltk u xpresin a normal day wen we jst chil til mid nyt n reason lyk abnormal human beings dat we are….vry ill shit man,u gon nid a plumber 2 flush dis. Wac La familia


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