You and i; tangled in this life of love.

Who would know; we will be so into ourselves.

That i smile, knowing you have never left my heart.

Enslaved in freedom !

The bangle on this wrist !

In chains of love !

I can not wait to see the priest.

You and i; in this ocean of smokes.

Who will know; we do it all, together.

That it is sweat, knowing it tastes like my mother’s teat.

Addicted to you !

The cigarette on this lip.

A kiss to every butt.

I can not wait to have you all, at any cost.

You and i;Slow in this pool of magical liquid.

sleepy and awake; pausing the time.

That i’m happy; the earth moves slowly for our love.

Enslaved in freedom!

Addicted to you !

This planet of wisdom !

I can not wait to say; We are one in this Kingdom.


NB : This poem was dedicated to my twin(Ajetumobi Oluwatomilola Florence) on her birthday(16/04).


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