It all starts from making choices.

We can’t say no.

Our minds filled with different voices.

I make a choice based on a voice I think is right.

Only to find out I should have gone left.

I start to ask questions and I get different answers.

Now am confused but I made another choice.

Looking back! I did all this.

Thoughts and ideas run through my mind.

I need a time of peace and quiet.

The universe do you mind?

Guess? He turns a deaf ear.

I have taken a part, I found me here.

Seems like am in the middle of the sea.

I can’t find land but something brought me here.

I looked back and o said; my choices did this all.


From going around, I was nowhere

Found knowledge and took a break from the universe.

I was not actually going around, I was everywhere.

If I was still, then who did everything?

It wasn’t me and it wasn’t any of them.

It was never my voices or my choices.

I never did anything, why say I can do it all.

God did everything and only God can do it all.




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