Father’s Thought of Love

Let us approach it from what love is not.

Love is not hate.

What love is cannot be disliked.

Love is not divisible.

You either love or you don’t.

There is no slight love, no love is small.

No love is too much.

Love is amorphous.

Love is divine, hence cannot be regarded as a thing which can be shared with someone else.

You love somebody and that is all.

You may love two persons that does not mean that you share the love that you have.

For you don’t even have love, you live in love itself.

Matter of personal possession to love does not arise.

Love is not what any person wears like a wrist watch or a piece of property.

Love exists in all persons.

It is not a personal property which you can dish out at anytime.

Love is not controllable.

It exists and only where there is the proper condition for it to be fulfilled.

Then it comes to the surface.

There must surely be an agent of its occurrence.

This is why you cannot share love;

Love is not a thing, it is more of a feeling than a tangible substance.

This feeling will either be present in somebody or not.

Since love is not a tangible thing such as a cake.

It cannot be shared with anybody.

It can only be enjoyed.

The love of a mother for her children is never shared but always present in different degrees.

It is a fact that individual love differently and the love one has for some persons could be different from that he has for someone else, it is possible.

A person does not love two people the same way. In other words, two people cannot be loved in the same manner.

There must be a reason for love or a cause for the feeling. This initial reason or cause is usually different from person to person.

Love is an inexhaustible psychic material or force. Love is not physical at all.

It is more psychic in nature than materialistic.

Love is not a reality but an actuality. Sure it is more of an internal experience and not external.

How can one show love in reality? In fact an attempt to show love physically is only a poor representation of the inner feeling which cannot be reveled except internally. (Mind to mind contact).

How then can love be divided? If we ever believe in a loving God?

Who is capable of loving his creature? Are we then saying that the love God has is divided or shared among His creatures?

If love can surely be divided or shared, then it cannot be shared equally, in which respect God will be partial in His love for His creatures.

If we believe that God loves his creature equally then this love is not shared but it is something that each person tries to satisfy the internal and natural urge and this internal natural urge is what we try to show externally as love for others.

How then can we share love?

You do not share love but tap and use. It is natural, it is inexhaustible.

Hence you can love as many individuals as you desire as long as it is sincere.

What many people believe to be sharing of love is in fact the sharing of properties arising from as a result of the existing love.

You don’t share love, you share its properties.

Why do we take love as if it is a thing to be shared at all.

Why do you decide to make what is psychic or immaterial to be physical.


Is it not love that binds people together?

What is it, if not love?

If it’s interest.

What brings about interest in something?

Is it not an external expression of the initial love we have for that particular thing?

Engr Olaitan Idris


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