ENITAN (Person of story)



The night, beautiful, but coated with sadness.

The sky was covered with dark clouds.

A day before that, he smelt trouble,

But this day, his mind was at peace.


Interrogations were made, and answers were not given.

Later a confession was made.

A confession of his unborn child.


A child of pure blood.

A child that is from the One.

A child with an upright spirit.

A child that was to have all the love, he never had.

All of his bad luck from his blood line will vanish in this child’s vein.


A child to succeed where he failed.

A child he gave his destiny in addition to his very own.

His child was known to his mama.

What becomes of this answer, he does not know.

Only God knew.


The dark clouds took the next day.

The next day after that;

The clouds gave way for a clear sky.

This day my unborn child struggled to stay in his place.

We waited for his arrival.

On this Sunday, this was not sunny.

Instead heaven cried and gave us a cool weather.


Whom he was to come through was in pains.

As soon as it was sun set, she was moved to another hospital.

She was dying.

He came out from her this night.

After the storm, it was a very cool weather.

But he was dead to even feel the coolness he himself had brought to earth.


We will miss you and expect you in a next life.

We only pray and wish it will be sooner.

Please I am sorry, come back to us, Enitan!




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