ye this goes out to everybody;
who don’t know when i was born but act like it matters.
Those who think a brova has no class,
class isn’t something you have, it’s something built.
You who wants to know what a nigga ate…
i eat very little and i have my own favorite dishes,
i try out something new when i can, not my thing?
i drop it by the third try.
you really don’t own this explanation, it just makes me proud to let you know i love me.

All of you who monitor my sleep, what’s your problem with me being a vampire at night and
chose to be a sleepy head in the morning,
i am not in your space, time zone or world.
I love to wear nothing on my hands but i like to wear simple watches and bracelets i love.
how can i explain to you?
if i’m a body or spirit.
i’m Spirit

This goes out to everybody;
My playlist is my play list,how do you expect to like it.
i don’t like yours, i just love to play with it.
Is it big or small under, wide or narrow.
those ain’t my talk,
we should both enjoy ourselves if we may.

This goes to Everybody;
who thinks am too emotional, having a family and loving one woman.
last time i checked, i still had a soul.
Me respecting your opinion goes far ahead of my state of mind,
so when i disrespect you, that’s my state of mind.
not rude, it just shows you don’t deserve a greater mind set from me.
You are super educated or rich, it all goes down one day.
what remains is memories of days spent being passed down to generations
will not deny some get lost and some manipulated but the truth is no where,
all we have is a circle of events we are all asked to interprete.
good thing is we find the answers for ourselves.

This goes out to everybody;
Who was so much in a rush, met the boy and missed the man.
No secrets, i just think am young forever.
No snitching, i just want to know if you would carry me for breaking my legs for you.
No cheating, i just want to remind myself that you’re the best.
No healing. we wouldn’t have to die someday.
No religion, is the new religion.

This goes out to Everybody;
Who calls themselves friends or family, but never knew the meaning of the word.
My loyalty is mine, i put it where i see my twin.
you call yourself family, yet you bite me and still fan me.
They are your friend only when it’s convenient.
To be God’s sons,we took a convenant.
To love and be loved back.
This goes out to Everybody;
Reading this , who thinks it’s personal.


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