IMO (Knowledge)



Hmmm says a million words, sure most of them ain’t sweet.

I feel it somewhere.

I can never be a perfect lover but I’m a perfect friend.

When I don’t call or text often,

I blow you my kiss with a chat or like your pictures on this social Medias.

You should know you are a part of my heart.

It’s none of our fault, the world made a digital side for us.

I know it’s not right to say I love you cos!

It doesn’t fit into what many associate with it.

If you found the friend in me then you should know ;

I do love you

A secret made public for the first time,

I save you all’s pictures!

I remember time spent together.

They say time waits for no man, for that reason;

Know me for who I am, your Friend!

That saying never meant the hands clicking on your wrist or wall.

It’s Time spent having experiences and knowing what truly matters to us.

That particular time doesn’t wait.

We carry it in our heart beats till we fall.

If you found the friend in me, then you should know ;

I carry you in mine.

I learn every day, like am doing now.

Knowledge is what’s left when all we’ve learnt is forgotten but

Somehow I haven’t forgotten you.

If you found the friend in me, you should know ;

I love you (IMO)


I remember all that time we were young and reckless.

I remember planning future meetings in my head with you.

But, so much I want to experience all at once.

It’s this past times together which has turned to knowledge.

I hope I am Right to say;



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