Care! Friendship! Love!

Which would it have been?

The sweet voice that says sorry,

When you slip but not fall.


The ship that wants to sail with you,

Under weathers, calm or strong.


The combination of this two,

With emotions and power to do the unthinkable.

The feeling of bliss,

As love making makes two lovers reach their climax.


We could mark, from stones to trees.

Nothing lasts like things of the heart.

Whatever comes from the heart and its language is love.

This is nothing but true happiness.


Which would it have been?

None of this three; care! Friendship! Love!

But a blessing of heaven, hidden among us.


I care.

I want to carry you in my ship.

When the weather is calm or stormy.

I love:

My emotions from the waterfalls.

My unthinkable actions have no bounds.

Meeting your bliss as we climax.


For me:

I would be all: Care! Friendship! Love!

For her:

I do not know but mine I know.

IBUKUN (Blessing).



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