Yes! That includes me.

70-80% of the people in this country are mad.

Other 20-30% who also are not completely sane, their madness is at the surface, nit deep rooted.

That’s why we no dey look Uche face, because uche is a mad person.

Majority of those in that 30% range are children. who got their insanity by environmental influence.

Nobody told them not to look at Uche’s face.

Uche being a drunk Father, who comes home late at night, waking up the kids with his loud noise, making them believe it’s morning.

When their mum cautions him, he remembers his dream of becoming Muhammed Ali, he becomes the great boxer once again.


A mother who brings another man to her room when daddy isn’t around. He comes out of the room filled with sweat like it was raining only in mum’s room.

Heads straight to the bathroom  just like Dad does.

Mum comes out with a wrapper, covering her naked body, she says respect your uncle and call him daddy, that’s the proper training.

Making the Kids believe no bastard kids, only bastard dads.

Dad comes back and the kids say”Daddy, small daddy came or big daddy came”. Mum quickly comes in,”it’s uncle Johnbull. your friend.Your kids are just very respectful”. In her mind”You fool!”.


A teacher that beats her students for no reason. Actually for a reason, each of them pay forty five thousand naira but she gets paid eight thousand Naira per month.

An aunty who’s meant to baby sit, only to always play with the little boy’s genital or an uncle putting his fingers in the little girl’s private part. She grew up not knowing it’s private, turns it into a public enterprise. Making money and enjoying the fun which has become second to mother tongue.

This young kids grow up confused because what schools and religious institutions teach them is different from what they see around.

Every adult rebukes them for responding to their environmental stimulant.

“All this peer pressure making you take drugs will someday run you mental”. They look around, seeing no good mentor, not even in their family and you tell him not to take a cigarette when he loves the mentol.


Students pay for four years, sometimes more for a single exam to get them to the University. Stay there for years only to be failed for a course they were thought nothing on. No purpose or values thought in our schools, students wake up each day wondering. Someone who has tagged himself number one in this wonder world promises them courage,respect and protection.”This country is so Mad it can’t give you all this gifts am giving you”. Take this colour, this  name and this gun, go in to the streets and start thundering.

So many years wasted, he became a man and she a woman. In confussion and recklessness he gets her pregnant and a family is started in the same wondering circle.

Years passes in this hardship then he tells her “i want out in this relationship, am leaving you and your bastard child. I now vividly remember i used a gold circle”. No parents to buy this kid a bicycle , so he steals from family and friends, saves enough to buy one. He had no shoes growing up. No! he wasn’t going to cele church, he wore no white garments. He grew up and worked himself top of the Government. He got himself cars, jets the same way he got his bicycle.


If you’re from this country, you should already know the name. For those of you who don’t have a clue, green white green is MAD!!!
























































































































































































































































































































Who says you can make a difference, who says your change can’t start up a new enlightenment. Professor Ishaq Oloyede is a strong and strange leader but you’ll need to follow him before you know him and see the light he sees at the end of the tunnel. He did it at UniIlorin now he has done it at The Facility (Jamb HQ Buhari), Our highly analytical professor is putting his good stamps on every stage.

I have seen great men but i haven’t seen one that his greatness is a gift of intuition and foresight like his.
Jamb, Nigeria it can only get better.

Mother’s Sunday(Day)

D love n passion den comes conception and attention den comes creation and separation den comes demonstration n inspiration. Am one strong man because of one great woman who believes in one powerful God. Happy mother’s day to all good mothersimages (18)

D love n passion den comes conception and attention den comes creation and separation den comes demonstration n inspiration. Am one strong man because of one great woman who believes in one powerful God.

Happy mother’s day to all good mothers


I wake up in my own darkness,

Seeing nothing, but my own imaginations.

That I exist, I know.

Knowledge of everything around me, get lost in this dark.

I start to doubt.

Do I owe light a debt?


Sea water; the taste on my tongue.

Rolling from my eyes.

I hear the sound of my cry in this emptiness,

Like hundred songs played at the same time.


Don’t know my path, but have the feeling to work.

Obstacles on my path,

Except for the help of someone that sees the light.

If not!

I collide with matters, like over charged gases.

I am here hoping, Someday the blind will see the light.


Happy World poetry Day !





Care! Friendship! Love!

Which would it have been?

The sweet voice that says sorry,

When you slip but not fall.


The ship that wants to sail with you,

Under weathers, calm or strong.


The combination of this two,

With emotions and power to do the unthinkable.

The feeling of bliss,

As love making makes two lovers reach their climax.


We could mark, from stones to trees.

Nothing lasts like things of the heart.

Whatever comes from the heart and its language is love.

This is nothing but true happiness.


Which would it have been?

None of this three; care! Friendship! Love!

But a blessing of heaven, hidden among us.


I care.

I want to carry you in my ship.

When the weather is calm or stormy.

I love:

My emotions from the waterfalls.

My unthinkable actions have no bounds.

Meeting your bliss as we climax.


For me:

I would be all: Care! Friendship! Love!

For her:

I do not know but mine I know.

IBUKUN (Blessing).


IMO (Knowledge)



Hmmm says a million words, sure most of them ain’t sweet.

I feel it somewhere.

I can never be a perfect lover but I’m a perfect friend.

When I don’t call or text often,

I blow you my kiss with a chat or like your pictures on this social Medias.

You should know you are a part of my heart.

It’s none of our fault, the world made a digital side for us.

I know it’s not right to say I love you cos!

It doesn’t fit into what many associate with it.

If you found the friend in me then you should know ;

I do love you

A secret made public for the first time,

I save you all’s pictures!

I remember time spent together.

They say time waits for no man, for that reason;

Know me for who I am, your Friend!

That saying never meant the hands clicking on your wrist or wall.

It’s Time spent having experiences and knowing what truly matters to us.

That particular time doesn’t wait.

We carry it in our heart beats till we fall.

If you found the friend in me, then you should know ;

I carry you in mine.

I learn every day, like am doing now.

Knowledge is what’s left when all we’ve learnt is forgotten but

Somehow I haven’t forgotten you.

If you found the friend in me, you should know ;

I love you (IMO)


I remember all that time we were young and reckless.

I remember planning future meetings in my head with you.

But, so much I want to experience all at once.

It’s this past times together which has turned to knowledge.

I hope I am Right to say;