ye this goes out to everybody;
who don’t know when i was born but act like it matters.
Those who think a brova has no class,
class isn’t something you have, it’s something built.
You who wants to know what a nigga ate…
i eat very little and i have my own favorite dishes,
i try out something new when i can, not my thing?
i drop it by the third try.
you really don’t own this explanation, it just makes me proud to let you know i love me.

All of you who monitor my sleep, what’s your problem with me being a vampire at night and
chose to be a sleepy head in the morning,
i am not in your space, time zone or world.
I love to wear nothing on my hands but i like to wear simple watches and bracelets i love.
how can i explain to you?
if i’m a body or spirit.
i’m Spirit

This goes out to everybody;
My playlist is my play list,how do you expect to like it.
i don’t like yours, i just love to play with it.
Is it big or small under, wide or narrow.
those ain’t my talk,
we should both enjoy ourselves if we may.

This goes to Everybody;
who thinks am too emotional, having a family and loving one woman.
last time i checked, i still had a soul.
Me respecting your opinion goes far ahead of my state of mind,
so when i disrespect you, that’s my state of mind.
not rude, it just shows you don’t deserve a greater mind set from me.
You are super educated or rich, it all goes down one day.
what remains is memories of days spent being passed down to generations
will not deny some get lost and some manipulated but the truth is no where,
all we have is a circle of events we are all asked to interprete.
good thing is we find the answers for ourselves.

This goes out to everybody;
Who was so much in a rush, met the boy and missed the man.
No secrets, i just think am young forever.
No snitching, i just want to know if you would carry me for breaking my legs for you.
No cheating, i just want to remind myself that you’re the best.
No healing. we wouldn’t have to die someday.
No religion, is the new religion.

This goes out to Everybody;
Who calls themselves friends or family, but never knew the meaning of the word.
My loyalty is mine, i put it where i see my twin.
you call yourself family, yet you bite me and still fan me.
They are your friend only when it’s convenient.
To be God’s sons,we took a convenant.
To love and be loved back.
This goes out to Everybody;
Reading this , who thinks it’s personal.



Life is all about PAIN


might be

looking for me

with a rage

like this chilly wind

melting my bones down

in this snow

you might be

hating sometimes

and loving me

the other times

you knew

I was a traveler

and could not stay


here I am

Keeping you safe

in my drawer

Hiding you

from the entire planet

Hope you love this place

Don’t you ?

where i embrace

your misses and memories

Each day

just like that sun and its rays

which must shine and make the day bright

And fall to make the night

I promise you

This process never ends!

I am writing this for you

just for a clue

That the Earth was brown

and the sky was blue

Once upon a time

In the woods!

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A Dreamer

Life is all about PAIN

You traversed with the air

Like the time

Like the ways

Went smooth and curves

Moved me and my nerves

Through the bushy herbs !

You would not believe

But I believed

There was a miracle

A super-natural force

That could

play and pause

The moments of you and me !

Staring into your eyes

Stopped my breathing

Thinking of your smile

Stopped my beats

And missing you

stopped me !

And the entire universe around me !

You might read and smile


This is Dreamy !

But never mind

I am a Dreamer !

I Dream-t of You !!!

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ENITAN (Person of story)



The night, beautiful, but coated with sadness.

The sky was covered with dark clouds.

A day before that, he smelt trouble,

But this day, his mind was at peace.


Interrogations were made, and answers were not given.

Later a confession was made.

A confession of his unborn child.


A child of pure blood.

A child that is from the One.

A child with an upright spirit.

A child that was to have all the love, he never had.

All of his bad luck from his blood line will vanish in this child’s vein.


A child to succeed where he failed.

A child he gave his destiny in addition to his very own.

His child was known to his mama.

What becomes of this answer, he does not know.

Only God knew.


The dark clouds took the next day.

The next day after that;

The clouds gave way for a clear sky.

This day my unborn child struggled to stay in his place.

We waited for his arrival.

On this Sunday, this was not sunny.

Instead heaven cried and gave us a cool weather.


Whom he was to come through was in pains.

As soon as it was sun set, she was moved to another hospital.

She was dying.

He came out from her this night.

After the storm, it was a very cool weather.

But he was dead to even feel the coolness he himself had brought to earth.


We will miss you and expect you in a next life.

We only pray and wish it will be sooner.

Please I am sorry, come back to us, Enitan!



Drive on

Gave my life to God I’m not giving it and taking. Like u don’t know who is in the driver seat.I know he is, I just say drive on

I don’t use my seat belt, so ancient, no air bags . I don’t need to beg him to go slow, I know him am not just thinking. This time he is pushing 1000/sec, the next hundreds/sec. I told him to use his turbo, press tha tbaby not less than a thousand/sec. No! I wasn’t praying, just take this life and drive on.

I ain’t also playing. A plant burnt and here he is. He is with you all the time saying “give me the key let me drive’. He made the car, fuels it and also maintain ace. Why not? Don’t ever ask me again just drive on.




Never spend what will hurt you, money, love, Life and time.

But we all do, so free me.

Telling me to leave the things of the world and build up treasures in heaven.

What was I doing before I came here?

Building treasures, free me.

Never follow orders, doing something the cops aint gonna like.

Who is the cop? me! So free me.

Every parent wants their kids success, if you  beating for going your own way.

Kid be successful anyway.

Life is too short when life comes through, a delay in your needs and it is a long trip.

To nowhere but our addiction; Thought.

Sometimes it is too much, so life free me  .

Treat the marijuana nice so It will let me wrap while I listen to rap.

Light it up, puff and pick the right words.

Ash in this white mug, knowing it is going to be cold in the morgue.

I’m relaxed now, having hope and seeing my vision clearly.

Happy but this world will not free me.

Totally entangled in someone else’s  system but some set the stage and make you act in them.

I want to have my own play and set my own stage. Rewind when I want to and only choose happy moments. Fast forward every step of my dream and should be able to skip bad moments.

I want to be my own God, so please free me.

I hate to hear that we blood , when you never said hey and helped , seeing me in a flood.

The one of life that pushed me to a flourished shore.

It was God’s plan, now I’m very sure.

You now want to help me work my Life, don’t make mistakes I made.

Blood , my every second is pleasure and  leisure, free me.


I have made my own mistakes but grew up to leave regrets.

Every fire has melted my ore, to make it strong, sharp and cold.

Codeine in a sprite drink, some blue pills and I never worry that I am worried cos I worry.

I’m slow now, please free me.

You never wanted to say hi, even when you did, it was to make pranks at me.

That I was never street certified or home certified or school certified,

But I breath and live and grow my spirit with experiences.

I know I never stopped learning, So free me.


What is my purpose here? Finding God.

This world is a small fraction of the worlds of God and I’m a small fraction of this world.

I never said I was bigger than this world.

I only said, a fraction of a thing is that thing.

A lion or a king, both is no match to what kills them , life.

The earth that feeds you, the rain that quenches your thirst, the sun that warms you when you cold,

The fire that gives you tools , the air that gives you life. This circle is what you call death.

God is in every detail, trying to  know himself. Unknowing to Him, He had no boundaries.

I am part of the whole which started life which had no ending.

Sleeping into space, this words , this world and this war in me ; To be god or man.

I chose God, don’t tell the devil to free me, I free me.