My Love As Friendship

After all what is love?

If love is something built up,

It can become great.

It too often breaks up !


If love is a marriage,

Well, plans are laid out for a great future.

That too, those break up !


If love is the break of dawn.

Soft, shinning, beautiful and bright.

Night comes sooner than expected!


If love is like true friendship.

More encouragement, less criticism, is uplifting instead of belittling.

Giving rather than demanding,

All this,

With the ability to sooth with few words


If my love brings smiles to your sad face.

Then ,

My love as friendship

Should be a time to always celebrate.

For blessed is he or she who truly has found me.

By Akina Amos.E(RIP)

To Dapo Idris.

Edited by Enipheni.


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